Business for Good – beyond CSR to a community engagement model

Begin your journey towards Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Impact with Natural Assets’ customised workshop programme, designed collaboratively with you to create a valuable and productive start for your organisation.

PART 1: What does Corporate Social Responsibility mean to my business? Consultancy and Facilitated Group Workshops for Executives and Teams

Get started on your journey to CSR – establish your goals, how to make it fit within your bottom line and how to ensure it will contribute through tangible outcomes

Available as an individual consultancy service or a facilitated workshop. Prices quoted below for up to 8 attendees, with $120 additional per extra person


Full day –    $1200 – introduction to beginning this journey with values alignment. Includes first four topics listed below

3 days –      $2,800 – delivered over two weeks, incorporates initial integrative systems planning to deliver a CSR programme for your organisation


What we will cover:

  • Establishing your CSR Community Engagement goals
  • Integrating CSR into your bottom line
  • Establishing values and where these align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as opportunities for social/environmental change
  • CSR culture within your organisational management framework – what would this look like
  • Engaging your staff in the CSR journey – promises, pitfalls and finding the ‘glue’
  • Building CSR into staff professional development opportunities using a strengths-based approach
  • How to engage with the not-for-profit social sector to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility goals
  • Partnering with community for positive social impact – exploring options around governance, time and resources – locally and/or globally
  • Measuring outcomes and reporting to stakeholders


PART 2: Engaging and activating my staff in the CSR journey

Available as a ‘train the trainer’ executive coaching or facilitated workshop for up to 8 attendees. Additional attendees charged at $75 per person


Full day –    $1200 – introduction covering first three topics listed below

3 days –      $2,800 – delivered over two weeks, activates and engages staff in the CSR programme for your organisation

Coaching – $120/hr for ongoing coaching and development


What we will cover:

  • What is CSR in relation to Sustainability Goals and why does it matter?
  • Establishing CSR within your organisational management framework
  • How can CSR add value to your work environment
  • Incorporating CSR in to everyday practice
  • Staff engagement through collaborative team building. How to develop values based interpersonal relationships using strengths based practice
  • Developing a measurement and outcomes matrix so successes can be celebrated

The power of narrative – telling the stories that matter as part of your outcomes reporting

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