Professional Development & Coaching

Professional development and Personal Coaching cover many aspects of becoming the best you can be within your chosen life path or work place. Engaging in professional development allows you to identify and work purposefully towards your goals with someone who specialises in understanding the strengths, barriers and solutions you may encounter, and how to facilitate change utilising your natural assets as tools to assist the process.


Check out some of the suggested topics below or call us to explore specific areas of interpersonal skills development relevant to your own situation:


Personal & Professional Coaching

→ Facilitator Training

→ Developing your Social Value and Impact

→ Organisational Culture

→ Managing conflict

→ Dangerous dynamics and Specialist service referral

→ Communication and Listening

→ Building on your Strengths

→ Community Engagement

→ Sustainability and Loyalty in your workforce – reducing staff turnover

→ Staff Morale and Bullying in the workplace

→ Professional Supervision (individual and peer group) and CPD for Social Workers

→ Professional supervision (holistic health)

→ Self Care Assessments & Planning


Professional development is unique to you – get in touch and we are happy to offer the first session free to establish whether this service is right for you.