Business for Good – build in purpose and meaning through community partnerships

Do you currently donate, fund or sponsor community events or services? Would you like to contribute social value that grows your employees and also has positive social impact on community?

Natural Assets offers a consultancy service to help partner your company with a social or community cause that aligns with your values and goals, as you move forwards in your Business for Good/CSR journey.

By matching your company’s social values with an NGO, community or social organisation and making the introduction, you can better realise and develop your business’s social value.  This service is particularly useful for companies that are ready to make a difference through more than a monetary transaction, but don’t quite know where to begin.

Beyond introductions, Natural Assets is able to facilitate more sustainable relationship development between agencies over the longer term, and expand the scope of social value impact to your business, your staff and community.

Contact us now to arrange a consultation to establish your goals and begin your journey.