Personal & Professional Coaching

Natural Assets recognises the importance of personalised one-to-one coaching. Many of our clients need and appreciate the opportunity to regularly talk and work with someone external to their organisation to recognise and build on strengths as well as analyse and work through issues.

With this impartiality and perspective, real results can be achieved in productive and focused sessions.

PROFESSIONAL COACHING,  Development and Supervision – specialist service for Change Agents, Social Entrepreneurs, Social Workers and Complementary Health Practitioners

Offered on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one-off basis at $95/hr.

(Note:  Trade and Energy Exchange are also available as options as part or full payment. There are also pro-bono and pay it forward available for Start-ups, Social Enterprises, and people making a significant positive difference in the world.) 

We advise a regularly-scheduled one hour session to maintain and develop professional wellbeing and progress, which suits most clients

Sessions may include any or all of the following, as well as any other issues affecting your work, or opportunities you may wish to explore in a creative, non-judgemental environment.

→ Setting personal and professional goals and how to reach them

→ Becoming more intentional in your career development

→ Managing conflict in the workplace with a restorative conferencing approach

→ Self Care – holistic approaches to managing your work and life balance

→ Strengths-based practice – identifying your own strengths with a career development focus

→ De-briefing after traumatic events – Whether it’s a difficult customer, a trigger from a past trauma, or personal issues impacting on your work, take the time to unravel, sort and re-construct your future ability to maintain an even keel. (Issues requiring specialist counseling will be referred on).

→ Identifying and managing stress – What are the things that stress you and how can you minimise, eliminate, or utilise them to your advantage.

→ Starting difficult conversations – gaining the assertiveness you need to enrich your work experience moving forwards.

→ Tools of engagement and walking in other people’s shoes. Develop tools to explore the perspectives of those you work with or support to enable the development of engaged, sustainable relationships.



→  Mental skills training for management and staff

How do your employees and colleagues see you? Are you approachable? Helpful? Authoritative? Or do you feel disrespected? Taken for granted? Do others come to you because they can rely on you to resolve issues in an efficient and collaborative manner, or does a high staff-turnover make you wonder whether you are missing something?

One to one coaching will develop your emotional intelligence in the workplace, and bring focus to your own and other team members’ performance. These workshops will develop your own authenticity in the work place and you will walk away with tools to better manage your own and other’s performance




→  Living a Successful Life

The nature of success… are you seeking greater success in your life?  Explore your embedded thought process about what success really means to you.  Set yourself on the right path to being successful within your own definition.




– One-to-one or group work –

Find your space on the social enterprise continuum

Are you an inspirer? Is methodical planning more fitting to who you are? Do you just love numbers?   Ever been intently listened to around your passion to be part of something good? Want to be able to bounce some ideas around in a creative, solution focussed environment?

Offered as group workshop, collaboration of groups workshops, conference topic, one to one and mentoring.

Please get in touch to find out more or arrange one of these workshops