Workshops to bring out the best in your staff

Maximising productive and effective relationships within your group or workplace can sometimes be a challenge, simply due to nature of being human!  Natural Assets can assist with facilitation and workshops to process through issues from communication to self care.  If you’re looking for a solution to help create harmony in a team, or workshops that will promote collaboration and action, please get in touch – we’d be delighted to put together a proposal for a bespoke group workshop that suits your goals.


Half day –   $600 for up to 10 attendees, with $120 per person for each additional.One to one coaching is also available – $120 per hour.

Topics include:

  • Promoting self care in the workplace – increase your staff retention, productivity and morale. Healthy professionals create a healthy work environment.


  • Conflict resolution and bullying – how to build self awareness around bullying behaviour, and work with the personalities to create accountability and find a solution


  • Facilitation training – personalised to your specialist needs. See  Facilitator Training  for workshop content options.


  • Interpersonal and mental skills training – how to optimise performance by improving soft skills such as reflective listening, mediation, coaching and team building. Use these skills to negotiate personality clashes and help working relationships become more productive


  • Developing effective collaborative teams – uniting individuals to work towards common values,  and develop better communication, support and performance


  • Managing stress for healthy work life balance – enabling your staff to recognise and manage their stress, promoting self-awareness and driving efficiencies through Mindfulness, self care and self-responsibility



  • Find your space on the social enterprise continuumAre you an inspirer? Is methodical planning more fitting to who you are? Do you just love numbers?   Ever been intently listened to around your passion to be part of something good? Want to be able to bounce some ideas around in a creative, solution focussed environment?Offered as group workshop, collaboration of groups workshops, conference topic, one to one and mentoring.

Note:  Trade and Energy Exchange are also available as options as part or full payment. There are also reduced rates, pro-bono and pay it forward available for NGO’s, Start-ups, Social Enterprises, and people making a significant positive difference in the world.