My life has changed hugely for the better since meeting Tessa.

She has a way of helping you unearth your potential and drilling down and extracting out the essence, the honey, the untapped you without getting in the way and without you even realising it.

Her unassuming professional manner of helping you look at life and approaching each challenge is immense. Her ability and natural instinct to see all points of view from all angles that gives you the choice of then choosing your pathway is uncanny.

Trust, and integrity walk hand in hand. Both of these she models.

My dreams, and my business ideas have been realised thanks to Tessa.

Working with her on several community projects has taught me the fine art of collaboration without intrusion, respecting all view points.

Her greatest gift she has imparted to me has been ” to always work to the higher good”

That is gold and that is Mana.

David Teata Aupapa.    2017

David Aupapa – Coconut Grove Music