Natural Assets @ TK co-working hub


The Kollective – TK –  is a state of the art social-sector co-working hub located in the iconic 17th Ave, Historic Village – home of The Incubator Creative Hub. This means that collaborations and specialist expertise are only a footstep away for some seriously fun creativity to add to your coaching and professional development experience should you choose that as an option.

Parking is free, but can be limited – so please allow time to find your park, or jump on the yellow Hopper Bus from anywhere around Tauranga and it will drop you pretty much at the door.

As a mobile practitioner I am flexible for any locations locally, nationally and internationally – so please don’t expect me to be ‘in the office’ if you drop by spontaneously – it would be wise to check I’m in the country first….

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.